Tips For Celebrating New Years

Make a Plan Even if you make no resolutions, planning is a good thing to do for a new year. Planning a vacation or a night out with friends, can make your week more fun and organized. Planning also helps you know what you want to do with your life. If you are looking to […]

Why Was Rock And Roll Seen As The Devil's Music
Richard Meltz: “Rock and Roll Was the Devil's Music Because It Was Sexual and Violent” While there is a lot of evidence that rock and roll is the devil's music, there are also a lot of examples of people finding relief and self-expression in rock and roll. Many people look…
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Why Rap Music Is Harmful
According to the BBC's 2010 Quality of Music Research Report, just under 70% of the population likes popular music. Only 40% like, or have an interest in, jazz. When I was doing my maths, I assumed that jazz had lower popularity, which is likely the case. In my opinion, rap…
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Why Rap Music Is Good
This article will discuss why rap music is good. Why does it deserve a place in your life? What does it give you? How does it take you to a whole new level of understanding of life and make you a better, more open, and better-rounded person? How does rap…
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How To Use Hip Hop Hair Removal Cream
This article will discuss how to use hip-hop hair removal cream. The purpose of this article is to share my own experience with how this product is being used to remove hair. What is hip-hop hair removal cream? Hilary Crosby originally developed the hip-hop hair removal cream. She wanted to…
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Why Rap Is The Best Genre Of Music
Rap is music created by those who express their thoughts through rap. Rappers rap about real-life problems they are facing and what life throws at them. Rappers do not use a large vocabulary or complex beats for rap songs. They rap only for the sheer purpose of telling their stories.…
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Why Rap Is Not Music
Being open-minded and having an open mind is a great gift, especially when it comes to music. Being an average American college student can be hard, and quite frankly, we may not know how to have an open mind and an open heart. I'll be honest, I've been a hardcore…
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Why Rap Music Is Bad For Society
One of the purposes of our music is to express our feelings and how we feel, which sometimes comes out in too many words, words that can cause confusion and even result in certain actions. The downs of rap music are that some of them that are used in this…
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Why Rap Is The Lowest Form Of Music
Rap is the lowest form of music in comparison to other forms of music such as rock, reggae, R&B, jazz, disco, heavy metal, and even some form of classical music (that one is only a matter of opinion since it is not classical music by any means). Yes, all of…
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