Why Rap Music Is Harmful

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According to the BBC's 2010 Quality of Music Research Report, just under 70% of the population likes popular music. Only 40% like, or have an interest in, jazz.

When I was doing my maths, I assumed that jazz had lower popularity, which is likely the case. In my opinion, rap music is not popular because almost everyone has heard of it.

People have probably heard of it and listened to it and appreciated it. Everyone has heard it in movies, and in popular culture, and at university, it is regularly talked about.

Even if people have never heard rap, they are familiar with the topics that it deals with. According to Wikipedia, the following topics are covered in rap music:

  • Violence
  • Drugs
  • Narcotics
  • Sex
  • Hospitalization
  • Robbery
  • Rioting

Further studiesOn the set in New York with TY BREEZZYY , for a music video with Gordon Cowie Films. www.gordoncowiefilms.com

Rap music involves you hearing one of these topics about five times in a five-minute song. That is essentially over 1% of the song.

How can you watch all the highest-rated television shows globally, listen to the top-rated movies, and read the top-rated magazines if they don't have content that is relevant to you? I think this means that rap music is not something that society is looking for.

For example, imagine hearing one of the top hits on the charts. Would you want to listen to it, or would you want to fast forward through it?

Do you think that it would hold your interest?

There is a study from 2007 which found that from 1995-2008, 40% of the music that appeared on the top 100 lists on Billboard was rap music. This is almost equivalent to 1/4 of the music being rap in that period of time.

This is a lot more than popular music and something that is concerning to me. It doesn't seem to be a coincidence that this amount of rap is being released in the 21st Century.

I think it has a lot to do with the way things are going in the world and our society.

Rap music is considered gangster music

People like it, but they don't think it is good for them because it involves the subject of crime. In 2013 in the UK, there were 2,664 homicides, so crime is a big issue in the world today.

There are many rappers out there saying that they are going to bring peace to the streets and help stop the violence. Even though there is a lot of positive rap music, there is a lot of negative rap music, which is what is getting played in the media.

This is a real problem. Rap is a form of expression that takes out the anger and frustration that people may have.

It expresses your feelings and doesn't make you focus on something negative. But in a society that is so quick to judge and criticize, many people look at the negative side of things.

I think it is fair to say that the hip-hop and rap genres are being recognized for the new political message that they bring. Our world is going through so much violence, and many people feel that rap music is the way to go.

Over 20 million people listen to rap music in the UK alone, so it is a big part of its history and culture. It is an art form from urban life and things that a lot of people experience.

I believe that we as individuals are responsible for what we listen to. If you have a good time listening to rap music, that is great, but you should be aware of what is being discussed.

Rap is a big part of society, and there are some excellent and intelligent rappers out there. You shouldn't consider rap a bad thing, but you should think before you listen to it.

Lyrics in rap music distort the reality of black lives matterWoman wearing white sleeveless lace shirt

When rap music lyrics promote violence against women, classism, and racial bigotry, they distort reality. Rap music is filled with stories of women being raped, murdered, and made into sex slaves, which is a far cry from the true reality of what black women face in the United States.

The fact that people can relate to the so-called “gangsta lifestyle” is a red flag. Rap music tells us that we can have the sex we want, the women we want, and the drugs we want to follow the rules.

And if we make a mistake, then our lives will be ruined, and we will be the ones who are cast aside and forgotten. Rap music is telling us that we are nothing without the gangsta lifestyle.

Feminists are happy that rap music is sowing the seeds of poverty

Rap music glorifies poverty and social deprivation. Rap music tells us that if we live in poverty, then we will be able to support our families.

And if we make our own money, then we will be able to get a fancy car and the things we desire. This is just another form of brainwashing.

Rap music is telling us to go out and steal from the poor. Rap music is telling us to steal from the rich.

And then rap music is telling us to engage in acts of violence. Rap music is a form of violence.

People have been using rap music to sabotage the black familyMan sitting beside woman

Rap music is heavily embedded with “baby mamas” and “ho’s.” Rap music glorifies having multiple women and children from different fathers.

It is no secret that this song glorifies the abuse of women. For example, the lyrics of this song are “Called a ho as soon as a kid in my door.”

This is some clear evidence of the belief that you must “date a ho to be a man.”

Rap music is insensitive to young black children

Rap music is used as a form of therapy for children. Rap music is used as a form of healing for children who are dealing with issues of racial discrimination.

The media tells young black children that they are not considered human and will never be valued. The media paints an inaccurate picture of black people in America.

The media is responsible for the fact that black children are struggling with issues of racism. Many young black children grow up watching movies and hearing rap music that tells them that they are less than human.

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