Why Rap Music Is Good

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This article will discuss why rap music is good. Why does it deserve a place in your life?

What does it give you? How does it take you to a whole new level of understanding of life and make you a better, more open, and better-rounded person?

How does rap music make you a better person?credit:@szvmanski

Rap music teaches you a lot. And not just through what the lyrics say, but because of the delivery.

This is why in our research for this article, we gave some tests to a group of 600 South African youths aged 13-21, asking them to identify songs from different genres and to rate their level of profanity.

We compared the music style questionnaire results with the resulting real-world language findings (to avoid a cognitive bias in any given people's interpretation), and the results point to strong associations between rap style and verbal profanity.

The study shows that young South African men use a lot of swearing language, about 200 curse words per young man. This is actually quite high, considering young men have one of the lowest rates of swearing.

More information about the study can be found in the Psychology of Music article, Are some songs more naughty than others?

Young men, especially, rap a lot. They rap about sex, money, work, enemies, women, mother, the political, cops, and the same old man stuff we all rap about.

In South Africa, music, if not education, is an essential part of every child's schooling experience. Unlike in the UK and the United States, it is not compulsory in South Africa.

So it has become not only a "cool" thing to do but also a social marker.

There is an increasing expectation for young people to listen to and be able to express themselves. In the UK and the US, the amount of time young people spends listening to music decreases.

In South Africa, the amount of time they spend listening to music is increasing.

Children grow up on music and parents give it to them at a very young age. They are exposed to different forms of music when they are still young.

But before they are exposed to "adult music," music becomes important in the family's culture. It can even be seen as an essential part of a household and is often played all day.

It is only when children are exposed to "adult music" that they stop liking it and associate it with certain values and norms.

So, it is our moral and social responsibility to expose children to good quality music that enhances their morals and values and helps them grow as young people. We need to be very conscious of this.

What does good rap music teach us?person holding mic singing

The main objective of rap music's production and performance is to communicate with an audience using the medium of music. In this context, rap music is an avenue through which people of diverse backgrounds can communicate and communicate with others using the same language.

The music is often dark, negative, and filled with curses. But it has two sides to it.

Firstly, many of the artists are trying to be heard. Rap artists use language that is more extreme than the average, but others are much more subtle.

Secondly, it's important to realize that many of these artists grew up in dysfunctional families exposed to a lot of negativity. They have found a way to talk about this with others through their music.

The lyrics are about dealing with all the negativity and discrimination they have seen or experienced.

Again, this comes back to the earlier point that you don't need to be around those negative people and experiences to have the negative traits themselves. You can learn them from them.

What kind of values does rap music reflect?

Raps are often simple and contain a lot of metaphors. But they usually reflect real life.

For example, some people might say that the lyrics of certain songs can be very racist. For example, in a song called To Bola, young men use the term "kaffir".

They then use it to describe someone as rude. For an uninformed listener, this might seem like a racially charged term.

But when you listen to the lyrics, they express frustration and anger at someone that did them wrong.

And the Rap Store in Cape Town has a section on their website called "world music." It's very popular with young people.

So if we start taking a serious look at the lyrics, we will be surprised at some of the songs they have.

Why do South African rappers have such a bad reputation?770 Live

The South African rap scene was heavily centered around the hip-hop artists Khuli Chana and AKA. Both Khuli Chana and AKA grew up in "gang areas."

Khuli Chana grew up in Kloof Nek and became a gangster rapper. He became famous because he was the first person to be a gangster rapper with a foreign accent.

As a result, he is accused of copying US rapper 50 Cent.

On the other hand, AKA grew up in Soweto. He wrote his first rap when he was 13 years old.

He performed his first rap in local pubs at the age of 17.

He later became famous when he rapped a lot of anti-apartheid messages and gangster topics.

In the mid-2000s, many hip-hop artists were trying to distance themselves from the drug and violence of the gangster genre and the pain of their reality.

With some rappers, this involved putting on a political facade, pretending to care about other corruption and crime issues. AKA doesn't do this.

He always raps about his reality. He is upfront about the reality of his life as a young black man growing up in Soweto.

He is critical of some other rappers and their lyrics. He says they are not "real" rap artists.

However, others, like the famous artist and political activist AKA, still present gangster themes in their songs.

And there is a lot of what is called "black face" rappers. A lot of these artists use their music to distance themselves from the rap culture. They are a "white rapper" and only rap about music, using slang and rap parlance that white South Africans would understand.

Why is there an uproar over what Black Eyed Peas rapper Taboo said to the singer AKA on stage?

I think it's because South Africans have a problem with some rappers choosing to go around using this "black face" rap.

And I think that that Taboo's comments were not intended as racist. In fact, he issued an apology after the event. But for many, this incident was a wake-up call.


Rap music is good is because it is honest, and it shows people exactly who you are. The title of the song shows you who this artist is.

It's like you've stumbled on a band member's diary that was meant for the public. Most songs will keep you guessing.

They're all fake or half-baked. For example, some rappers tell us that they bought something from Louis Vuitton that cost $4,000, $6,000, or $8,000.

No way would happen. The majority of rappers only tell us that they bought a $200 pair of shoes, and there's a 99% chance they lied.

There is no way they could afford Louis Vuitton.

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