Why Rap Music Is Good For You

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What's the reason behind the positive effect rap has on your brain? Science has shown that music effectively curbs negative emotions, and it might also have some effect on your brain and its dopamine response.

Hip hop, an "anthemic" genre of music, has a high population of the lyrical content of aggression and even murder. Many rap tracks address issues such as unemployment, drug addiction, and crime.

Did you know that rap music may also be effective in curbing the release of the brain's natural stress hormones responsible for activating feelings of aggression and excitement?

What scientists have to sayMan wearing black crew neck shirt playing dj turntable

As reported in the journal Psychopharmacology, a small study conducted by Srinivasan Sitaramayya, an assistant professor of psychology at San Francisco State University, showed that the increase of anandamide in the prefrontal cortex, which is associated with reduced aggression and anxiety, was found to be induced by the low doses of rap.

In a previous article, this author had explored the science behind the deep thinkers, citing a study that showed that meditation could reduce your stress hormones.

Scientists in Sitaramayya's study were also interested in finding a difference between responses to deep thoughts and typical "negative-valence" raps like "All I need is 15" or "Life is a bitch, don't pretend that you don't know."

"Rap actually activates the same areas of the brain as your emotions," said Sitaramayya. "If I tell you 'I'm mad,' it activates that part of the brain.

The difference is, when you're mad, you're not thinking about abstract things like rapping. When you're crazy, you're not thinking about 'I can make this more popular.'"

Researchers administered methylphenidate, commonly known as Ritalin, to study participants and gave them half an hour to listen to a rap song and then three-and-a-half hours to listen to a non-rap song. Participants with baseline low methylphenidate levels had greater decreases in positive moods and increases in stress hormones than participants who did not have low methylphenidate.

The researchers also tested the hypothesis that rap music may induce methylphenidate effects. The results suggested a lower likelihood of increased aggression and decreased anxiety in

participants who listened to rap music.

The study participants were rated on a scale of 1 to 7 for neuroticism, a trait that, according to Sitaramayya, is associated with increased positive moods and anxiety.

Reflecting your reality

The quality of music is essential when it comes to depression, stress, and anxiety. The reason is that some of the music we listen to reflects reality in a way that helps us deal with it.

For example, in times of turmoil, it helps to go back to the past and focus on the past's positive parts, but it is essential to notice the negative. Listening to happy, soothing music also helps people to relax and reduce tension.

I am also a huge fan of rap music. I believe rap has many positive messages that apply to the life of a school child.

The music can help a student concentrate on class, be prepared for tests, be more enthusiastic, and be more motivated.

As a parent, I appreciate that rap is not “for” children but is suitable for teenagers who have already experienced tough times in their life and are now going through problems with their friends and family.

In short, rap helps people to cope with life. And in the words of one of my favorite rap artists: “sometimes life doesn’t make sense / Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to you / You don’t need me to make sense / But you want to, so you’re listening.”

Going back to the roots of hip-hop

The USA is the cradle of rap music. The birthplace of the genre is in New York, known as the capital of rap.

The birth of the genre was motivated by racism, violence, and drug use. Hip-hop music became the tool of resistance in black communities against the racist attitudes of white America.

Hip-hop music has always reminded the youth of the past and its origins, and this reminds them of their heritage and how things were in their home communities. Hip-hop music reflects the feelings and life of its past.

It doesn’t only go back to the 1940s but also takes the youth to the present and the future.

Expressing feelingsMan wearing earphones near man in sunglasses

Hip-hop music does communicate not only positive messages but also tells the truth about daily life. As you can see from my YouTube playlist, I have been listening to the same kind of music for many years.

As a rapper, you can’t do any better than music from these young rappers. They communicate what it is like to be young in America.

They let you know that it’s a hard life for most people, and most people experience great frustration and suffering. Hip-hop reflects the reality of being young.

Elevating your self-esteem

Many people can become depressed, anxious, and stressed because they don’t feel good about themselves. It can be hard for teenagers to cope with school work pressures, exams, relationship troubles, parental pressure, and being a part of a society that does not appreciate them.

Hip-hop music can be a great source of self-esteem.

I am a big fan of the music produced by the late Chuck D of Public Enemy, a rap artist that promoted self-respect, unity, and solidarity. He used to address people and educate them about what he was all about, for example, in his song “You’re an Afro Beat.”

People need to know that their feelings matter. In hip-hop music, one of the most important themes is self-esteem.

As a rapper, you can express your feelings and thoughts most directly, and the music can resonate in your own heart. Hip-hop songs can help you to identify with what is happening in your life.

You can tell that if your feelings are hurt, rap can show you how to feel better.

Rhymefest has written several hip-hop songs that address social issues such as racism, violence, politics, and social justice. He has produced albums such as Back From the Abyss and Acid Rap.

Feeling accepted

Rap music has many positive themes. But in America, not everyone understands hip-hop music, and especially not in schools.

Many educators are against hip-hop music in schools. They think that rap music is a form of music promoting violence, gang culture, and violence.

They think that it is something that adolescents should not be exposed to. But that is not the case at all.

In my own experience as a rapper and as a hip-hop fan, I can say that many schools, which used to be a place where people enjoyed themselves together, gangs of students gathered and started singing rap songs together. I see the students from different ethnic groups and backgrounds becoming friends, dancing together, and singing together.

This is also the case in my own school.

Taking actionMan wearing black vest

Rap music is supposed to be highly political. Rap music is all about action and self-assertion. It gives you the power to take charge of your own life.

It tells you how to speak up for yourself and how to be true to your own self-interest.

The rap songs and the lyrics of rappers give you the power to express yourself, take responsibility for your actions, and make a difference in the world. It gives you the chance to shape your own life, rather than having life dictated to you by the environment.

This is what I love about rap music. It can be a way of improving the world.


Instead of focusing on the world around you, rap music can take you out of your daily routine and motivate you to become a better person.

Hip-hop music has its problems, of course. It can be about partying too much, and you can get involved in some dangerous things.

Sometimes rappers make some offensive and disrespectful comments about other people and think they are doing something new and edgy. Still, they are really just being lazy, and they are reinforcing stereotypes.

But despite its faults, rap music can have a positive impact on its listeners. When you listen to it, you get the feeling of strength and empowerment.

It gives you the feeling that you can stand up for yourself and that you can get results.

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