Why Rap Music Is A Good Essay Topic

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Out of all the genres of music and artists in it, rap is, without a doubt, the most misunderstood genre of music. Many critics see it as destructive and dangerous because it uses gang violence and abuse's tough topics.

Fortunately, there are many reasons why rap is a good essay.

Rappers don’t take themselves too seriouslyStylish young african american lady taking notes in copybook in park

As a youngster growing up in Philadelphia in the 80s, I was blessed to experience a hip-hop brand new genre. It was a form of music that I had never heard before that was very popular with my peers.

It was a form of music in the hands of teenagers in poverty who cared about the plight of poor inner-city youth and a genre that had a huge impact on the youth of this country and their struggles every day.

There were great artists like the Notorious B.I.G. who used his music to highlight real social problems and war horrors.

This genre of music was something new in the world and changed the way people thought about it.

Hip-hop was something that most people enjoyed listening to without realizing how influential it was in the world of art.

Rap was also something that people who did not listen to it took very seriously.

As a child, I used to make up my own rap verses about anything, and everything that I was interested in or thought was cool.

My friends were amazed at how much I knew about music and how my ideas were different from what they had. They would listen to my rhyme schemes and listen to the different rhymes I used.

I would use my imagination to develop the song title, song title, lyrics, melody, and, of course, beat, which was most important.

This use of imagination and creativity was my first experience with the concept of using the mind and imagination to write a poem.

Soon, I began using more rhyming techniques that some of the professionals use.

How rap helps people in a real-life situation

Recently, my younger brother was going through a tough situation with his family and drug abuse. My mom had to leave the country for a while for work.

I felt helpless when I saw him upset, and I felt helpless about what to do for him.

He wasn’t one of those kids who would turn to his friends or the streets when he is upset. He was compassionate and wouldn’t let anyone make fun of him.

I decided to write him rap about how I felt about the situation and how I felt like he was alone and I needed to do something for him.

When I was done with my song, I put it on my iPod and just left it in his room, and went about my day. I didn’t want to hear it over and over again until I had it perfect.

I kept thinking about how I would get this song out of my head, and I did until one day, I decided to listen to it, and I was in tears.

I never knew the power of rap music, but what I did know is that it helped me release the tears I was holding in. I never realized how much impact a song could have on you until I could do that with a song that meant a lot to me.

Rappers keep them entertainedGrayscale photography of person holding pen

Rappers make money and celebrities because they entertain people.

They play their music in a club, or they are in a recording studio in the daytime.

Then, at night, they play the song in their car when they drive home from work or some other day of the week.

They make some big money with their songs, which is all because of the entertainment value and use of the imagination.

They must be able to put their best artistic thoughts in their songs, or they wouldn’t be able to keep the people entertained and keep their music successful.

Rap allows the person to listen to it to express how they feel, and if that can be used to entertain people, why can’t it be used for something good.

Rapping has gotten my mind out of the things that are causing me problems and give me more time to think about other things.

I can be myself when I rap.

Other times, I can have fun and tell a story of things that happened in my life.

When I can share my stories in rhyme, I can go from feeling sad to feeling happy with just a few lines.

If people used the imagination of rhyming, it would be amazing to see them react to a verse or a rhyme of a song that someone has written for them.

Every time I do a rhyme or listen to someone rap, I am reminded of what I have done as a child.

When I was a kid, I used to rhyme all the time. I had to rhyme a lot to entertain myself.

But now, as an adult, I have forgotten what it is like to rhyme.

I am thankful for what rap music and rhymes have helped me do.

I’m a rapper nowMan holding microphone

My little brother took the recording of my song off of my iPod.

I was shocked, and I didn’t want to admit it to him.

I was sure that he had gotten used to hearing it and that I was doing something wrong.

I was wrong!

It was no longer helping him, and he no longer needed it.

I was doing a good thing.

I didn’t realize how much he liked my song and how much it helped him to see me happy and having fun with my life.

My little brother didn’t know that I was talking to him through the whole song.

I didn’t know that my son was affecting him at all.

I was thinking about how I felt about my life and how I needed to help myself and make myself feel better.

It was nice to see him smile after I had made my song.

I’m happy I started rapping because I know it will be something I can keep doing for the rest of my life.

I will be a musician one day, and I will make people happy with my music.

I will not be sad like I was yesterday, and I will remember that there are people who care about me and want to help me and make me happy.

It was really nice to meet you, little brother, and let you know that you are a great brother and that your brother loves you very much.

My little brother will always be my little brother, and I will always be your little brother.

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