Why Rap Music Is Bad Influence

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Rappers create a generation of bad role models that prey on the vulnerable and discriminate against women and children. The average rap lyricist is a misogynist and treats women as possessions to be used sexually or toyed with as entertainment objects.

Not all rap music is bad, but the many different subgenres of rap all share similar traits that cause harm to society. The culture of music where women are seen as property or merely sexual objects is known as misogynistic rap.

The lyrics typically depict women as emotional beings, which is another common trait of misogynistic rap. While some rap songs depict women in a more positive light, many others depict women negatively.

For example, with the acceptance of artists like Eminem and Drake, rap themes have changed drastically. These artists now portray women in a more sexualized manner.

Here’s a published studySerious young lady writing in notebook during online studies on laptop at home

In 2014, a study was conducted by researchers from Louisiana State University and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. This study surveyed 2,500 college students at seven universities across the United States.

In the study, half of the students were asked to read a rap song from a rapper's list, such as Eminem and Lil Wayne. Another group of students was asked to read a hip-hop magazine article on rap lyrics.

The results were remarkable.

The students who read the rap lyrics were 21 percent more likely to view women unfavorably than the students who read the magazine article. These students rated the rappers with rap lyrics as less intellectual, less persuasive, and less emotionally expressive.

In short, the students who read the rap lyrics perceived rappers as a greater threat to society than the students who read the magazine article.

Here’s the problem

All rap lyrics are misogynistic. It is believed that the popular and mainstream rap that portrays women negatively contributes to a larger societal issue that affects women and children in general. The destruction of one woman is portrayed as a huge disruption in the overall men’s rights movement.

I realize that the mainstream media has created a monster out of Eminem, and I am sure many of his fans truly believe that he is a hero and that he truly represents all of the problems in society.

Eminem is still a talented individual, and his raps are often lyrically genius.

However, Eminem is simply a propaganda machine that has deceived his audience into hating women. I agree that when one woman is a victim of domestic violence, the entire country should look out for her.

But while the general population should take care of the victims, a bigger issue needs to be addressed. Men who have become victims of domestic violence should be helped, but only to find the courage to tell their stories and create change in our society.

However, in the current case of Eminem, he is trying to live a normal life, not only masking his own crimes but also blaming those who are trying to bring his actions to light.

Eminem’s storyTwang & Round dress up 80’s Hip Hop to pay homage to an era of greatness

Eminem’s first victim was a 15-year-old white girl named Rihanna. As many of you know, Eminem and Rihanna had a romantic relationship that soon became a toxic relationship. In 2009, Rihanna had texted her friend that she had a secret abortion because of the abuse she was receiving from Eminem.

According to The Daily Mail, the abuse “got so bad” that Rihanna texted a friend saying, “I hate my life” and that “Eminem is such a fake a**… I want to die.” Rihanna would later add that she was scared for her life and the life of their child.

In the lyrics of Slim Shady’s single “The Monster,” Eminem also says that he will rape Rihanna in the middle of a forest. A simple Google search of the lyrics of this song, Eminem’s most successful single to date, confirms that Eminem did rape Rihanna, and he made this admission in his song.

Unfortunately, in 2013, Rihanna filed a $17 million lawsuit against Eminem for “intentionally and knowingly… assaulting her by injecting testosterone into her body” to “give himself ‘superior strength and muscle bulk.” According to Uproxx, Eminem would marry Kim Mathers, the hip-hop icon and record producer, Dr. Dre, in September 2013.

Since that time, Eminem has released several singles.

Eminem can release whatever music he wants, and he is still a talented individual. But the bottom line is that he is a misogynist, and his music and lyrics have been utilized to further the agenda of the feminist movement.

Rap lyrics is a tool used to instill fear into those who listen to the music. Like the way society is trying to destroy Eminem for the benefit of women and children, the same strategy is currently being used against men and boys.

The US trend

In the United States, as in other cultures worldwide, men and boys are being viewed as easy, targets and in some cases, there is a definite bias towards attacking men. Men and boys are often labeled as thugs, rapists, and perpetrators of domestic violence.

Men who speak out about the injustices perpetrated against them are often portrayed in the media as angry or unruly men, thus promoting the rhetoric that men and boys are victims in society.

For the most part, the same media outlets have been responsible for the false agenda that masculinity and patriarchy are oppressing women now seek to paint men as the aggressors of the sexes.

The same feminist media outlets that continue to tear men apart using the victims’ sexual history are now using Eminem’s actions to further their agenda. Eminem is being criticized for only dropping one track of his album, In My Own Words, instead of releasing an entire album. Why is this criticism?

To begin, Eminem’s newest track, titled “Rap God,” is just as misogynistic as his past tracks. It blatantly glorifies the use of rape as a form of dominance and power. It tells men and boys that violence and dominance is the only acceptable form of dominance.

It tells men that violence against women and children is what men are supposed to do to prove their dominance. In reality, women and children should never. Most are used as tools for dominance.

Conclusiontilt selective photograph of music notes

As we see in the examples above, when rap music is listened to as an escape, the rapper uses the listener to cope with daily problems. Rap music should be considered a form of drama and should be performed by artists who have talent, maturity, and knowledge in social consciousness and philosophy.

For example, what does a "good" rap song look like? It should be used to highlight and bring awareness to real social problems affecting youth.

It should show the listener how to cope with the daily pressures of the world. Rap music shouldn't have vulgar language or material that reflects vulgarity or low-class problems.

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