How To Use Hip Hop Hair Removal Cream

This article will discuss how to use hip-hop hair removal cream. The purpose of this article is to share my own experience with how this product is being used to remove hair.

What is hip-hop hair removal cream?

Hilary Crosby originally developed the hip-hop hair removal cream. She wanted to create a product that provides the best results for the best prices.

As a hair removal treatment, it is popular because it can remove hair at the root and prevent regrowth after it has been removed. This allows it to be used on the body areas that are typically hairless such as the bikini line and underarms.

Because of its ability to remove hair, it is also popular among men due to its quick results. The cream has a blend of nutmeg, birch, and clove oils, which give it its ability to remove hair from the root.

It also contains green tea, which is believed to prevent dark hair from turning green after being treated with the cream.

How to use hip hop hair removal creamtwo white and black labeled bottles

This product is designed to be used in the shower; however, you can also use it at home without a shower. I personally use it on the bikini line and underarms.

When using it at home, I will apply it to the skin before making my way to the shower. When using the product in the shower, I will use it with a cleanser and scrub.

With the rinse water, you can massage the skin's scrub to remove the remaining oil and product. While in the shower, apply a moisturizing mask on the skin to lock in the product's moisturizing properties.

When dry after showering, you can allow the skin to air dry before applying another moisturizer.

Tips on how to properly use the hip hop hair removal cream

Avoid getting the area with the cream wet for the first few uses. When using the product, you will have to put in a ton of effort.

The cream needs to be applied in small amounts and dry quickly when being massaged into the skin. I usually do this with my hands' help, though a disposable sponge would work as well.

Do not apply the cream on areas that are naturally hairy such as the face. You want the hair removal cream to remove hairs, not spread to other areas of the body.

You want to avoid getting the area with the cream wet because the cream needs to be absorbed into the skin. Getting the area with the cream wet means that it can potentially spread.

Always cleanse your skin before using the cream. It will clog pores if applied to the face without being cleaned first.

Do not try using this on any area that is broken or bleeding. The wounds will either close up, or they will not allow the cream to penetrate properly.

Do not get in the shower when your skin is still wet. Because of the moisture in the skin, it will be much harder to get the cream onto the skin.

A few safety tipsfour Mad About Curl and Waves labeled bottles on wooden surface

It is important to wear gloves when using the cream. The gloves will protect the skin from becoming irritated.

This product does dry extremely quickly and may not be suitable for use in arid areas.

Make sure you are not getting the cream on yourself or other people before you go to sleep. Because of the heat from the hands, you will burn your skin.

Disposable gloves are also beneficial for applying the cream.

Store it in a refrigerator or freezer to make sure it is safe to use. You will not be able to see your product when it is in the fridge or freezer.

What makes hip-hop hair removal cream different?swiss miss hot cocoa cup

As mentioned before, the product is developed by Hilary Crosby, a woman with alopecia. Because of this, she decided to design a hair removal product for people suffering from this condition.

To develop her product, she tried many products with limited results. However, she came up with the best products for people with alopecia.

The unique blend of these ingredients and the fact that it does not contain any harsh chemicals allow her products to stay on the skin longer.

She does not market the cream as an alopecia cream but rather to those who are looking to remove hair. She also makes it very clear on her site that the product is not for those suffering from alopecia.

When someone with alopecia reads the label, they can easily see how this product is for them.

The different kinds of ingredients and ingredients that it doesn’t contain give it a multitude of benefits. For example, it doesn’t use any of the common ingredients used in many other products.

These include glycerin, parabens, sesame oil, propylene glycol, and a variety of other chemicals. Instead, it uses ingredients that are more natural and are much safer for people with sensitive skin.

Many people with sensitive skin report that they do not experience any negative side effects after using her products.

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