How To Start Music Production

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This article will talk you through some of the best sites for aspiring music producers to learn from. These are not only helpful for beginners, but also great resources for more experienced musicians looking to expand their toolbox.

Many of these sites offer free content so there is no cost involved in taking advantage of them! Some even have interactive courses available as well.

Some may be completely voluntary depending on what types of lessons you look to gain from them. There will always be someone else who has paid money to go into greater depth with certain concepts or tools, so do not hesitate to search around to see if anything piques your interest.

Practice making music

how to start music production reddit

A great way to begin experimenting with music production is by practicing making music yourself. There are many ways to do this!

Music theory is an excellent starting place for anyone who wants to get into song writing or producing. Theory teaches you how to structure songs, understand lyrics, and recognize musical notes and patterns.

It’s also totally fine to just practice listening to music and trying to figure out what parts sound good and fun. When you feel like it, look up some of these theories such as chord shapes, bass lines, or melodies!

At that stage you can start looking at creating your own sounds and developing your talent more seriously.

Find a community

Finding the right place to hone your music production skills is like finding a yoga class- you won’t find one that matches your style unless you look for it. There are many great resources available online where people share their knowledge and experiences with other users.

Music theory, software tools, equipment reviews, and more can all be found in forums and communities. The best way to use these resources is by being active in them, reading posts from others, commenting when appropriate, and simply listening and practicing what you hear.

There are several excellent sites where musicians and audio professionals give away their lessons free of cost or at reduced prices. They may also offer tasters of paid services so you can determine if this is something you would want to invest in.

Pay attention to tips and tricks

how to start music production reddit

Starting out as a music producer is hard! There’s so much information available online that it can be tricky deciding what content is worth your time.

There are lots of resources with tips and tricks for aspiring songwriters, musicians, and producers. However, some of these tips seem overly complicated or talk about things that may not apply to you.

Other sites focus too much on showcasing the product or marketing material of someone else. This can influence you negatively if you are looking to learn how to produce your own songs!

It is totally okay to spend time learning new skills but only if those skills make sense for you and your long-term goals. You should always assess whether the materials help you achieve your goal and if they are easy to understand.

This article will share my top 10 tips for starting off as a musician or artist. Some of them are more general (like reading blogs) while others are more specific (like listening to music).

Get a good studio setup

how to start music production reddit

Now that you have your computer equipment, it’s time to get some headphones or earbuds so you can test out your music without having to use the microphone or speakers!

You should also look into getting at least one guitar pick for experimenting with chords and licks. Many people start off making music by writing songs in pre-made notes and patterns, so this is something very helpful to do as an aspiring musician.

After that, looking into software such as Logic Pro or Ableton Live is great to begin producing.

Find a mentor

how to start music production reddit

As with any other area of life, having a music producer or musician as your mentor can help you get started or keep you motivated. You may not agree with everything they say or do, but at least you’ll understand how they approach projects and songs.

There are many ways to find someone who is willing to teach you their craft – from YouTube videos to informal conversations in-person. By being open and asking questions, you’ll learn something new.

Music production isn’t a field that happens overnight, so don’t feel like you have to go it alone.

Read reviews of programs and equipment

how to start music production reddit

In these days of technology, there are many ways to learn how to start producing music! There are lots of resources available via YouTube tutorials, blogs, social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, community forums, and more.

By reading your comments under this article, you will quickly realize that not everyone agrees on what software is best or what hardware is necessary to begin production. This can be tricky to navigate when trying to choose tools for yourself or someone else!

To avoid getting too overwhelmed, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite free and low cost applications and services here at SynthStructure.

Research prices of equipment and software

how to start music production reddit

The next step in music production is finding your gear! There are several ways to begin investing in music production equipment and software. One way is to go into a specific genre or style of music, and find vendors that cater to those marketplaces. For example, if you want to start producing hip hop songs, then look for rap-specific hardware and software.

Another way to begin experimenting with music production is by buying cheap equipment, and learning how to use it properly. Some sellers will lower their price slightly due to them receiving little use from these products.

There are many sites where individuals can buy music production equipment and software at very affordable prices. Many have very good seller reviews which help ensure that what they are selling isn’t a fake product.

Try new things

how to start music production reddit

As mentioned before, music production is an ever-evolving field that requires you to try out different tools and techniques. There are many ways to learn about music production, from listening to music and practicing what you hear, to exploring online tutorials, watching YouTube videos, and reading books or magazines!

There’s no wrong way to begin experimenting with music production. Even if you can only produce simple sounds and songs, there’s still plenty you can do with this knowledge.

By trying out different methods and materials, you’ll find what works for you and eventually move onto more complex projects.

Music theory is one of the most fundamental parts of producing, so picking up some basics is essential. Take your time to soak in all these concepts before moving on!

Another important thing to know is how to use software like Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and others. These sound recording and editing programs play an integral part in expanding your musical repertoire.

And don’t forget about mixing equipment such as headphones and computer speakers! A good pair of mixers will help ensure the best quality audio possible.

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