How To Rap With Emotion

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This article will discuss how to rap with emotion, most notably your feelings.

A rapper who focuses on emotion is more interesting than a one-dimensional musician who raps. They make for great storytelling, displaying more life to the listener.

That being said, it’s hard to rap with emotion all the time. If you struggle with it, don’t worry!

Many rappers that struggle with this even still have some emotion to play with.

You will be able to apply this technique by trying out the following.

The most effective way to use emotion in your rapMan wearing black collared long sleeve shirt holding microphone

Since I won’t be instructing you on the method here, this method will be a little more basic.

When you write an emotional rap, take one emotion strongly about it and use it as a subject.

The subject will be a simple idea like:

“The sky is a beautiful blue.”

You will then add some emotions to describe what you’re feeling.

Once the emotion has been established, expand on it by either telling a story, describing a feeling you’ve felt, or stated how you’re going to feel in the future.

When it comes to emotional rap, it’s simple:

  • Create a poem or piece of music
  • Tell your story
  • Use it as an illustration to support your argument.

Emotion and detail

An emotional rap should be realistic yet convey to the listener how the rapper feels.

Rap lyrics with detailed imagery help put the emotion of a particular situation in words. The last time I heard a song with detailed imagery, it was Kanye West's "Stronger."

I liked the song because the music was amazing, but I liked it even more because the lyrics made me feel strong.

"Stronger" speaks about Kanye's daughter, and it's honest. The song is real, and the lyrics help us understand what Kanye is going through.

Who you are listening toWoman in white shirt using silver macbook

If you're listening to a rapper that cannot express his or her emotions, you're missing out on one of the most effective forms of music.

Many rappers have such an incredible emotional connection to their music that they feel an even stronger connection to their fans. Rap music allows them to connect with an audience through a well-thought-out story.

In "Wet Hair," Travis Scott talks about his experiences and loves with his daughter. The introspective and lyrical flow reflects what the song was about.

Emotions should be talked about openly. If we want to get the most out of our musical experiences, we should know how to express our emotions in a meaningful and genuine way.

The flow of the lyric

The flow of the lyric will help your emotional connection to the lyrics. It will help you understand how the rapper is feeling, which is incredibly important for emotional rap.

"I know she's special cause I made her with my bare hands / She's a genius like me / I taught her how to stop a tornado with a straw / Let her know 'bout 100 ways to get fucked up on some Oxy."

Travis Scott's flow is amazing. The song is concise and very detailed, and yet he does not sacrifice his flow.

There's a reason that a lot of rappers use Auto-Tune. It makes music more audible, and as a result, it can be more emotional.

In "Dreaming," Eminem demonstrates this in the following lyric:

"I'm not sleeping, I'm just waiting / Am I am dreaming, or am I am hallucinating / Don't be afraid to talk to me, I'm begging to be heard."

I appreciate Eminem's honesty. He's not afraid to say what he is thinking.

Eminem's lyrics are usually pretty explicit, but it is an emotional song that conveys meaning and emotion.

You should be able to feel and understand a song's emotions. Some lyrics are difficult, or maybe just too personal.

If you do not connect to the lyrics, you might not have a good time listening to the song.

The language

Some rappers use a lot of languages that have more complicated language, and others use simpler language. The language is irrelevant in regards to the meaning of the song.

The meaning of a rap depends on the song's content, and it will only convey that meaning through the language. Often, people say that rap lyrics are simple, but if they do not mean anything, they really are not simple.

Emotions are conveyed through different languages, but they will only convey that meaning if they are clear and authentic.

The rules of rapPhoto of man wearing blue jacket sitting on stairs

There are some fairly universal rules of rap. The most important is the beat. Rap should always have a rhythm, and it should be interesting.

If it's not, it's boring, and it will not have a connection with you.

However, some rappers defy the rules and make some songs amazing and others not.

The goal of rap is to express your emotions, and you should never settle for anything less.


Emotion is a strong and powerful thing. Emotion and your ability to connect with people are what will make you successful in life.

All you need is a little bit of ability, drive, and emotion to be a great rapper.

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