How To Rap With A Deep Voice

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This article will discuss how to rap with a deep voice. It is primarily aimed at people with a deep, gravelly voice unappealing to women and children.

The eight tracks that I have developed to make this style work will ensure that you will be able to rap while making your voice sound deep and powerful. All of the methods here require you to change your vocal styling.

Your vocal styling likely needs to be altered for this to work. This technique's essence is to make the voice sound as if it is from someone who is “toast” in their mid-50s.

What makes you, as a rapper, have a deep voice?

Abnormally long distance voice

This is what we all have when we’re talking about our voices when talking to each other. We’re focusing on what we’re saying while speaking very, very slowly.

A deep voice allows for someone to speak quickly. This is good for keeping a listener’s attention while engaging them.

Abnormally high volumeman in black shirt singing on stage

A deep voice is inherently higher than a higher-pitched voice. It is literally deeper.

The way the lungs work to deliver air into your mouth is different from how they work to get it out. A deep voice demands more volume.

A higher-pitched voice is easier to sing and requires less air to achieve the same volume.

A deep voice has more depth and resonance

A deep voice resonates naturally. When speaking, the air travels through the vocal folds rather than spread out over a relatively small area.

This results in more sonic echo, more sound, and deeper reverberations. More sound waves from your voice will travel through the air.

A deep voice sounds more powerful

A deeper voice is more authoritative. People with a deep voice are known to be assertive and forceful.

They tend to be bold and energetic. A deep voice often sounds powerful and like an adult speaking to a child.

A deep voice has deeper, more resonant bass notes

The way the lungs help deliver the air into your mouth, the voice box helps deliver the air out of your mouth. When your vocal folds vibrate, they cause a physical sound.

Every vocal fold has its own unique resonance, determined by its position, shape, and size. A person with a deep voice has a deeper, richer bass note in the beginning and end of their voice.

An exaggerated vowel sound is associated with a deep voice

Vowels have a sound like a “U.” The sound of the “U” has an intense, resonant quality to it because it’s designed to be held in the throat.

It’s the same as the deep sound of a piano key or a trumpet note. A deep, resonant voice has a lower vowel sound than a lighter-sounding voice.

A deep voice is deep in the throat and has a shorter glide.

When you breathe, the airflow into and out of the vocal folds is based on pressure and force. Our diaphragm and the chest wall usually control air pressure.

The airflow through the vocal folds, and the air pressure as it exits the body, is regulated by the muscles that control the muscles around the glottis, or the area where the vocal folds attach to the larynx.

As you exhale, your diaphragm gets bigger, and your chest relaxes, allowing a deeper, longer note to emerge from your throat.

A deep voice tends to be deeper and lower-pitched

As you inhale, you cause the air to expand, pushing your vocal folds towards your tongue.

As you exhale, your diaphragm gets smaller, and your chest wall contracts, causing a shorter glottal glide to emerge from the vocal folds.

The lower the glottal glide, the deeper the note.

Deep voices can be up to 4 times as loud as a medium-depth voiceWorship Room

Some people have naturally deep voices because of over-consumption of alcohol or smoking.

Alcohol also can change the tone of the voice, making it deeper.

A deep voice is associated with authority

A deep voice can often give you authority over your audience.

A deep voice can be a turn-off to some people

A deep voice can be distracting. It can remind some people of a person who has never taken care of themselves.

It can make you look like you’ve just eaten too many salty potato chips.

Learn the low-mid range

With your deep voice, you'll want to master the low-mid range. Hip hop artists generally rap on notes between the mid-low and low range of their range, called the low-mid range.

The low-mid range is a great place to start when it comes to mastering your low-end range. In the low-mid range, the human voice can be compelling.

It's where you'll start to have a solid foundation for making songs that have deep tones.

If you want to sound smooth, then start making your music with this range in mind. The lower tones are easier to hit when you're at the top of your voice range.

So, you'll need to practice trying to hit them in your music.

Record every song

To help you better develop your low-mid range, record as much as possible. Record all of your songs in the low-mid range to find out where your hardest songs sound and to find out the best

places to make the low-mid range notes.

Recording your songs in this range will help you with your singing, too. Your low-mid range is a good place to get practice trying to sing.

Be the ultimate rapper

With your low-mid range, you'll want to learn as much as you can about rap and singing. Your natural tone should match your performance in rap and your singing.

If you have a strong and powerful voice, then singing is a great option. When you feel comfortable and secure with your voice, then you can go ahead and try your hand at a rap career.

Become a know it allman in black and white crew neck t-shirt singing

If you don't know much about rap music, then you should know about the basics. Don't expect to be the best rapper just because you have a great voice.

You need to be able to rap and make the best use of your voice in hip-hop music.

After you know the basics of rap music, start studying other rap artists to see how they use their voices. You'll quickly find out how much more you need to learn about rap music if you want to be a great rapper.

Finally, you'll want to work on your confidence in your voice. You'll need to know that you're the best rapper in the world, and you'll have to learn to own your voice and confidence.

Start learning about the beardy emcee voice

The idea behind the beardy emcee voice is to have a masculine voice. The idea is to sound as masculine as possible.

If you try to sound too feminine, then you'll have a male rapper.

You'll want to have a strong deep voice, but you'll want to try to sound deep without having a deep, rugged voice. Beards are great if you have a deep voice, and you can still look masculine with the beard on your face.

This will help you in all different styles of hip-hop music, from classic hip hop to modern. You should be able to carry a deep voice and not sound so deep that it takes away from your voice.

If you have a deep voice, then try and make it as hot as possible. The best way to do that is to keep the beard on your face as long as possible.

So, if you have a beard that needs to be trimmed, then you can trim it. If it needs to be trimmed more, then you can keep the beard as long as you like.

The beardy emcee voice will make you a better rapper. It'll also help you in other styles of music, such as singing.

If you want to be the greatest emcee in the world, you need to learn about the beardy emcee voice.

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