How To Rap Very Fast

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When learning this topic, remember, you’re not trying to write a rap. You’re trying to practice speed.

But speed also helps you learn. If you practice writing fast, you’ll eventually be able to write faster and more effectively.

The result will be a great rap.

The speed in rapA little stroll in the home aka palace

Rap lyrics typically span 2 to 3 minutes in length. This is quite a long time to say a few words about a subject.

Rap lyrics are a kind of poetry. They often contain metaphors.

You’ll also see rhyming words. But these are not required.

Rap lyrics are rarely complete. Most rappers usually cram together their words.

Each word is assigned to a beat. The words flow out of a rhyming pattern.

It’s easy to see why some rappers are so fast. They learn to be speedy by practicing short rap songs.

For example, watch the following song. It’s a great example of rap lyrics that don’t rhyme and don’t flow.

The lyrics are different. But the speed is the same. The tempo is only slightly slower.

But you can see how hard it is to say these words fast. The speed is slow enough to allow us to notice all the little mistakes.

This is probably a good speed to practice at first. The mistakes are easy to notice.

The speed is slow enough that we can fix mistakes.

The quicker we get a rap down, the better we’ll be at delivering our rhymes on time.

The important thing to remember is the speed. If you want to rap fast, then rap fast.

But when writing rap lyrics, don’t try to rhyme words on the spot. Listen to the lyrics, and edit them to make sure they rhyme correctly.

Rap lyrics are meant to be edited. You’ll be able to rap them better when you edit them.

Finding the rhythm

Once you know how to rap fast, you can use Pro Tools to find the rap rhythm.

Listen to the following song.

Notice how the tempo, and also the rhymes, change. This is a faster rap.

I’m not sure why the song speeds up a little. But it does.

And that is part of the process of finding the rhythm in a rap.

The tempo of the song begins slowly, and then it gradually speeds up. To find the rhythm, you have to listen to the speed of the song.

How long does it take to accelerate from one beat to the next?With ty Dolla sign kranium wizkid

The rhythm comes from how long the beat takes to accelerate. The lyrics follow a rhythm as well.

A slower song will have longer words. A faster song will have shorter words.

You can listen to the album. But the song at the beginning of this article is a good example of how to find the rhythm in a rap.

Notice how the lyrics and music speed up at the same time. This is a natural rhythm.

It makes sense. The song is speeding up at the same time it is speeding up in the music.

The quicker you can learn to find the rhythm in rap, the more fluent you’ll be in speaking rap lyrics.

Rap lyrics resources

If you have a hard time finding a song to rap to, look through iTunes' music genre pages. There are many rap songs in every genre.

Just find a song that speaks to you. If the lyrics don’t speak to you, find the chorus that does.

Put the chorus underneath the lyrics of the song. If you listen to the entire song and then read each verse's lyrics, you will find a chorus you like a lot.

But it may not be the lyrical chorus. If you listen to the entire song but then read only the lyrical chorus, you will find an inferior rhyme.

But if you only listen to the lyrical chorus, you will find a wonderful rhyme.

You will also find many different versions of the same song. So try to find the version that speaks to you.

Hopefully, you will be able to find an example you like. You can use that song to find the rhythm in rap lyrics.

You can find the lyrics to the rap song and then find the song with the best chorus to rap to.

Learn how to rap the famous rap songsGalv (rapper) in Berlin, Germany. //

Once you know how to rap, try learning how to rap the famous rap songs.

It will take practice to learn how to rap well. But you can practice by listening to the rap songs that are the best examples of rap lyrics.

An example of rap lyrics is on this website. The author of the website is a rap lyric expert. But, the person who wrote the lyrics is the rapper.

If you have the song’s lyrics in front of you, you can listen to the beat. Then you can pick the best rhyme.

It will seem easy. But it will be hard.

This person picked what the best rhyme was. Then he tried to find it on the other rhymes.

Learn how to rap in 20 minutes a day

If you can find a song you like and then find the best rhyme and rhythm, you will rap lyrics to many rap songs in 20 minutes a day.

After about three months, you will be able to rap just about any rap lyric written.

You’ll have to give it time. But it can be done.

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