How To Rap As Fast As Eminem

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Do you love to rap and want to rap as fast as the rapper Eminem eventually? Let's explore some tips for rapping really fast.

According to the YouTube singer Max Gonzales, the speed at which you rap is really only dependent on how hard you work. And if you want to become as good as Eminem, the two main things you should know about rapping is that it's really hard, and Eminem sucks.

Your first step should be just trying to stay in your key. (Eminem sings in a low register and gets all weird on the high notes.)

If you sing or shout with a low voice, you'll get your words out, and your voice will be huge. If you sing or shout with a high voice, then you'll keep your words in, and your voice will be quiet.

If you want to use your hands, keep your hands really close together and at your waist. To really slam the words out of your mouth, you don't want to let your arms flail around, and if you're a power wrapper, you don't want to shake your body either.

Be aware of the placement of your hand, so you don't rap with one hand if you're singing or talking too. Make sure the elbow of your arm is in front of you.

That will keep your voice up and to the side, but your hand will be close to your mouth, so you don't slur your words.

Lastly, keep your tongue glued to the roof of your mouth while you rap. The tongue is like a rubber band that stretches out when you rap.

If you lose it, it will sag, and your words will slip out, and your voice will get big and weird.

Have funSaturday. Summer. Beautiful sunny day, so my friends and I decided to make a picnic and watch the sundown. Pretty fun and relaxed day.

The main key to rap is to enjoy yourself while performing it. The higher your passion for rap, the more enjoyable and less stressful it will be.

Have a good time while performing it, and you will experience a huge boost of energy and a higher level of focus as you perform it.

Use comfortable techniques

The most common technique for fast rap is the double beat, where one drummer plays a note and then breaks into a similar beat with a different note. The double beat technique is used for the E and the A tones in the original Eminem rap.

The first time I heard Eminem rap, he used the double beat technique in his songs. It gave me goosebumps, and I was amazed at how fast his rap was.

If you are a regular reader of these articles, you know that I use the double beat technique quite frequently in my rap.

Choose your own tempo

Once you have discovered how to rap really fast, go ahead and use it. I myself rap fast in the middle of my performances, but I am very particular about my tempo.

I don't rap faster than I can rap comfortably, and I make sure to maintain a steady energy level. I rap at about 75% of my full speed.

Some rappers rap at 100% of their maximum speed. I consider this to be too fast for an intensive performance, but if you love to rap really fast and you can stick to a relatively comfortable tempo, go for it!

Practice on a variety of different songs

Rapping is easier and more enjoyable if you use a variety of different songs to practice. If you use the same songs to practice, you will learn the lyrics too quickly.

Also, learning the lyrics of a song when you are trying to rap quickly often ends up being painful for the listener. It's much better if you are working on different songs.

Prepare your body before performing2 women in blue and white tank top standing on beach during daytime

Make sure that you are fully prepared before performing your rap. Listen to Eminem rap while flexing your muscles and practice executing the body posture and body language that you see Eminem using.

When I play Eminem's songs in my car, I make sure to step out of my car, bend down and flex my chest and flex my stomach to match how I am depicted in his rap.

Practice with a lot of energy

Suppose you practice your rap while telling the truth, and with a lot of energy, it will be easier to rap and sound fast. If you practice your rap while lying to the listener and not telling the truth, you will find it much more difficult to rap and sound fast.

Use a good singing voice

If you want to sound fast but don't have a perfect singing voice, you can try to use Eminem's voice. Eminem does not sound his normal voice when he raps, but the voice he does use is very similar to the voice he uses in his singing.

If you can emulate his voice and rap simultaneously, you will have some problems because you can't sing while rapping.

Act when you rap

A lot of rappers incorporate a gesture or some other kind of physical activity when they rap. I try to combine this gesture into my rap because I want my audience to follow my gestures as I rap.

A good example of this is the action taken by Jay Z when he raps, "I went to jail, I thought the process played" in the popular rap "It's Yours." Jay Z pretends to be speeding down a road in a car,

but he holds his hand up while he is going very fast, and so when he says, "I went to jail, I thought the process played," you hear him using his hand and pretending to drive the car.

I really try to do the same thing when I rap. You can get some idea of what I mean by looking at my rap video, "Use Your Nasty Nasty."

Use heavy breathingwoman sitting on swing

Some rap songs are accompanied by heavy breathing and by dramatic, screaming background singers.

If you are making an extreme and exaggerated action while rapping, this is the best way to show it.

Eminem uses his heavy breathing technique to really emphasize the lyrics.

Take a rest after every verse

One essential thing is to not rush through your songs and go very fast. At the beginning of your rap, you want to be slow and steady.

In the middle of your rap, you should practice turning up the pace a bit. But, after you have completed your rap, take a break and give yourself time to rest your vocal cords.

This gives your voice time to recover and allows your voice to be strong and sound better when returning to rapping.

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