How Much Is Music Production In Nigeria?

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Having a music production studio is not for everyone, but it’s definitely something that most people need at some point in their lives. Many professionals begin by producing songs as part of their job before moving onto other things like recording artists or songwriters.

There are many ways to get into music production aside from owning your own studio, such as working as a freelance producer for others or starting your own small business. No matter what path you choose, though, make sure you understand how much music production costs in order to know if this thing is worth investing in.

This article will talk about the prices of different equipment used to produce music and what people have paid for them, so keep reading! We’ll also discuss how much employees receive per hour when working in a music production company, as well as what benefits they may earn through expertise in music technology.

Popular music production in Nigeria

how much is music production in nigeria

Recent developments in the Nigerian music industry have seen an explosion of popular music or what people refer to as ‘songwriting’. More specifically, songwriters are now producing songs for other artists to record and release as their own.

This is not only due to the availability of technology that allows anyone with a creative bone in their body to produce content, but also because it has become financially viable.

As more people get involved in this process, the level of quality rises, which raises the bar for others trying to enter into the field. It also opens up opportunities for aspiring writers to get into the business side of music.

There was a time when most successful musicians had to be good at playing instruments, writing lyrics and going through a rigorous audition process to land a job. These days, however, the talent scout is often replaced by someone who can write a catchy hook or create a lusciously produced track.

Top recording studios in Nigeria

how much is music production in nigeria

Recording is a very popular way to make music in Nigeria today! It’s not too difficult to find people that can produce their own songs, nor is it expensive to learn how to do it. There are many ways to get into the game as a producer, but firstly you need to know what kind of production you want to pursue.

There are two main types of productions: song-producing or album-producing. A song producer will take raw sound materials (recording instruments, vocals etc) and blend them together into an audio track that listeners can access via a device such as a smartphone, laptop or MP3 player.

As with any other profession, the more skills you have within your field, the higher up the ladder you climb. This article will talk about some basic things for aspiring song producers in Nigeria, starting with the most essential ones – the microphone!…

The importance of the microphone

A lot of artists struggle with the microphone due to time constraints. They may be in a situation where they have no budget for buying one, or maybe even if they did there isn’t enough space to put it. Either way, this is totally okay!

You don’t necessarily need to buy a fancy, high end studio mic to start producing.

Top songwriters in Nigeria

how much is music production in nigeria

As we can see, music is a very popular medium across Africa. It seems like every nation has their own style or flavor of music that they are known for. This is due to various reasons- culture, tradition, geography, etc.

But one thing is clear – most countries have at least one top songwriter in the industry! These writers write many songs under their name alone, and often help other artists get inspiration from what content they create and how they structure songs.

Top executive producers in Nigeria

As we already mentioned, music is very popular in Nigeria. There are many ways to get into the business of producing or recording songs. Some of these include being a writer, guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboardist, engineer, mix engineer, producer, songwriter, or vocalist.

Some of the top executives that work in the Nigerian music industry are writers, engineers, or mix/production experts who have their own studio facilities at home or nearby where they can start writing or productionizing tracks.

These professionals typically earn enough money from outside sources (like other artists, record labels, or companies) to pay for their overhead expenses like house rent or mortgage, utilities, insurance, etc. Plus, they’re paid per hour when they're not working so they keep part of what they make!

Music marketing is another area some Nigerian musicians develop their career by doing freelance jobs. They advertise their services and receive compensation for it through collaborations, referrals, or both.

Popular music genres in Nigeria

how much is music production in nigeria

Many people get into different types of music production due to different things. Some learn by listening to songs they already like and learning how to make them sound even better, while others learn for their artistic talent to express themselves through music. Both are just as important!

Some people learn about music software or softwares that can be used to produce music such as Microsoft Word, Photoshop, and GarageBand. These programs help you organize, edit, and create musical compositions and stories via introductions of songwriting, melodies, rhythm, lyrics, etc.

There are many ways to learn music production aside from directly studying computer science, art, or music. By doing so, you will not only expand your knowledge bases but also enjoy what you learn more.

Music is a universal language that brings people together.

Best Nigerian singers

how much is music production in nigeria

As we mentioned earlier, music is deeply ingrained into our culture and language here in Africa. There are so many ways that people use music to express themselves, be it for an event or just for fun.

Music has always been important to us Africans and there’s no telling how much of an influence it had on other cultures. For example, you have your American jazz and R&B which both owe a lot from African roots.

The same goes for European folk songs and even Asian sounds. It seems like every country has their own unique blend of music that they take pride in. In fact, some countries don’t allow any kind of foreign song to be played because they want to keep their sound as well!

Overall, I think this shows how powerful music can be; not only do musicians get paid lots of money for creating new tunes, but also how influential music is in society.

Best Nigerian songwriters

how much is music production in nigeria

As we already discussed, musicians are very creative people who use music as a tool to express themselves. If you pay attention to their songs, you will find that they both write their own lyrics and produce their own sounds for the tracks.

As artists develop their craft, one of the things they must learn is how to take credit for the work others have done. This is called attributionism and it’s important for your career as a musician!

If you listen to a lot of music, you may have noticed that some songs sound similar to each other. These composers usually do not get credited for their writing or production skills because someone else wrote the main parts of the song and then they took over by adding their own touches to make it their own.

This is why it is so important to know your musical anatomy- the elements of any genre of music. Whether you are learning about film scoring or EDM, knowing the basics of music theory can help you understand how music works and give you an edge over the competition.

Music theory deals with the study of how melodies and rhythms are built under the guise of composition, analysis, counterpoint and orchestration. While these concepts seem academic and complicated at first, once you grasp them, you can start applying them towards creating new pieces yourself.

Best Nigerian recording studios

how much is music production in nigeria

As we have seen, there are many great music production facilities across the country that offer professional quality services at very affordable prices. This article will take you through some of the best ones in Nigeria with lots of pictures!

First up, let’s take a look at one of our favorite music studio owners here at, Djay Orji. He runs his own music business and is an excellent marketer too so he is able to spread the word about his studio via social media and other channels.

He also actively posts online about how to use his studio for people to follow along and learn from him and his team. Check out his YouTube channel here!

His top tip for aspiring musicians is to practice every day. It doesn’t matter if you only have five minutes or twenty, just do it consistently and your voice will strengthen. And speaking of strengthening your vocal chords, make sure to work on your ear-training as well by listening to different styles of music and identifying what instruments play back-ground vocals, lead vocals etc.

You can read my full interview with Djay Orji here where he talks more about this! Make sure to check it out once you’ve completed this lesson! 🙂 Good luck singing away now 😉

Djay Orji – Recording Studio Owner, Producer and DJ >> More info: https://themusiclab.

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