How Many Instruments Did Mozart Play

Charlie K    |

The music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of humanity’s greatest treasures. He wrote some of the most well-known pieces in the world, including his first two symphonies, “The Jupiter Symphony” and “The Requiem."

He also composed over 600 operas, more than any other composer. His style was very distinctive; he often used unconventional instruments such as keyboards, xylophones and glockenspiels to create new sounds that people are still familiar with today.

Many musicians have been inspired by Mozart's work, especially those who play an instrument like the violin or piano. As you can probably tell, Mozart played the violin!

However, there has never been a clear picture of how many instruments Mozart actually owned. Some sources state five, others eight, while some don't list any at all! It seems likely that he only needed five because it is extremely rare for anyone outside of professional orchestras to own more than that these days.

This article will discuss why this matter is so important, what sources we have and whether there is anything special about one particular source. Then, I'll explain my conclusions based on the information gathered.

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