Explain How Are The Musical Instruments From The Cordillera Are Being Used

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The use of Philippine indigenous instruments has been revitalized in recent years, especially among young musicians. These are not only to be heard as mere decorations or props for your song, but they have actually been integrated into the songs themselves!

Many artists choose to include these musical tools in their repertoire to spread awareness about the importance of such instruments while also showcasing how various cultures blend together to make music that is unique to them.

Backing vocals

explain how are the musical instruments from the cordillera are being used

As mentioned earlier, most musical genres can’t survive without back vocalists. This is because these singers add much needed harmony to songs!

A lot of Filipino music includes lyrics that are not only written but also sung by people other than the main singer. These additional voices contribute beautifully to the song by adding some part or all of their parts (usually just a few lines).

These extra voice actors are called backing vocalists and they are very important in cementing the genre as authentic and professional!

Filipino artists often look outside of our country for such talent. Since we have a vast pool of native speakers, it makes sense to recruit them!

However, finding and recruiting these natural talents takes time and resources, which many musicians don’t seem to have at this moment in time.

That’s where us, The Listening Team, come in! We are here to help you out with that problem! Click here to watch our video about how to be a backup vocalist!.

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