Best Wireless Headphones for Listening to Hip Hop

Bump to the beat with some dope headphones What are the best wireless headphones for listening to hip hop? In this article, we will review the best wireless headphones for the money. A big drawback of today’s smartphone headphones is that they often come with an all-around sealed headphone design. They may come with built-in […]

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These Are The BEST Hip Hop Albums to Workout To

I like to move it move it In this article, we'll be going over the best hip-hop albums for working out. These albums are sure to get your blood flowing and your heart pumping, allowing you to get a great workout that will help you get fit. When going for a good workout, there are […]

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Who Are The Best Boom Bap Rappers of All Time? 

Boom Bap is a style of rap production that became popular on the east-coast during the mid-80s to early 90s. This style is now regarded as a classic that must be appreciated on the greatest level of respect and top-notch production. To name a few of the big names from this era: KRS-One, MF DOOM, […]

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Best HASHTAGS to Use For Rappers in 2020

Use hashtags to get engagement! Are you a young hip-hop artist struggling to get your sound out there? You should probably be using your brain for something other than coming up with the best Instagram caption to use for your latest funny meme, so let us help you! One of the most important Instagram hashtags […]

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Top 10 BEST Mics for Hip Hop Vocals

Up your mic, up your sound If you're creating hip-hop music, there are few ingredients more important than your microphone.  Different microphones can not only change the way your voice sounds but the overall quality of the music you're making.   For that reason, we wanted to show you all of the different microphone options out […]

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